Episode 02: How to Choose the Right L&D Metrics to Track the Right Things


The pandemic forces the L&D department to change so much more quicker than expected. L&D departments need to be mindful of the impact of the training on programs to meet business results and employee satisfaction. In this scenario, tracking data and measurement takes an important part in directing the L&D department to go on the right path.

The problem is that the learning report and the current data don’t tell them anything about what to do in that context. L&D staffs wait for the data to tell them something they don’t know, but soon realize that the data either tells them something pretty obvious, or worse, nothing.

In the F.Learning Podcast Ep 2, we figure out the internal and external reasons why this situation happens. Then, as F.Learning’s staff who went through the pain with data analytics, we suggest ideas based on our experiences within our company.

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What we discuss in this episode:

Our host Mia and Vy discuss:

  • Clarify some common problems when understanding and using L&D metrics
  • How L&D Folks can adopt the data mindset

Our additional resources for better understanding:

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