3 Virtual Employee Engagement Ideas that Work in 2022

For Digital Training Managers, the virtual learning environment seems to be appealing at first when they move training activities online. But unfortunately, it’s becoming more difficult to retain employee engagement over time because of few in-person interactions. To adapt to the new online environment, the training departments need to innovate the old content with virtual employee engagement ideas in 2022. But, many share that they find it difficult to come up with good enough ideas to bring back learners’ engagement.

Best 3 creative ideas for virtual employee engagement.

Here, F.Learning lists the top 3 ideas for employee engagement that have proven to be the most effective in online internal training.  

  1. Microlearning videos for long-term training courses
  2. Simplify and make it fun for dull subject matters
  3. Scenario-based videos for upskilling/ reskilling courses

#1 Microlearning videos for long-term training courses

As Training Managers, have you ever met situations where most of your employees fail to complete an overlong and heavy internal training? They blame time shortage because they are overwhelmed at work. We are sure that you have faced this too much more than once. 

But, the fact is that undertaking heavy-content internal training is indeed a stressful challenge. This can result in negative learning experiences and ineffective outcomes over the courses. We all don’t want your employee training to become learning fatigue.

So, in order to ensure efficiency and employee engagement for any lengthy internal training course, what about implementing the micro-learning approach?

In this method, you will break the whole program into shorter sessions or modules. Keep each session focused on only one objective within a maximum of 20 minutes long. 

Shorter sessions help your learners to comprehend knowledge better, as they only have to digest one focused topic at one time. Using micro-learning, you allow the learners to complete the program one by one session following milestones. It’s getting easier to encourage them to meet each deadline rather than one big deadline. 

Otherwise, employees can simply find out the piece of information if they’re stored apart as bite-sized and focused sessions. 

As each session needs to be short, its content format must support your talking point the most. Fortunately, animation with compelling visual content is among the most creative ideas for virtual employee engagement that can help. 

Animation video utilizes motion graphics to present information or a situation in the shortest time. And 8 out of 10 people are more likely to enjoy a video than just reading a textbook while learning. Therefore, it’s an excellent format for micro-learning instead of slides with bullet points or static images in PowerPoint. 

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#2 Simplify dull subject matters and make it fun

You must have heard a lot of complaints from employees every time they take serious and specified training courses. Compliance training, manufacturing processes training, or medical equipment procedures training are all typical examples. The content is too inactive and monotonous so they can not follow and comprehend it. 

You know that not all corporate training topics can be exciting and enjoyable. And regardless of whether your learners like them or not, it is still your mission to organize these courses and make the learners like them.

Your mission is hard but not impossible. Just simplify those dry and dull topics. But how?

One simple thing you can do is to add unserious and stimulating elements. They help to make things more understandable, as well as more interactive and engaging. Those employee engagement ideas for remote workers include two common types.

  • Gamification is fun and interactive, which allows learners to absorb and retain more information. When the training is gamified, nearly 90% of employees said that they feel more motivated to complete the related task. 

Most productive activities include setting entertaining challenges with levels following the learning path, awarding points for completion, and leaderboards for competition.

  • Animated videos can provide an expression of entertaining elements such as mascots within the funnier context of the subject that is being taught along with a mission. 

With motions and voice-over, it’s also possible to deliver more lively and energetic moods in animation videos than slides.

#3  Scenario-based videos for upskilling/ reskilling courses

You might have difficulty putting theories and protocols of skills into practice through online courses rather than traditional classes. Your employees can not commit critical thinking or solving problems to their memory without practice. 

Many training departments do not know what can be an alternative idea for the lack of in-person practices. Especially for upskill training, many can be misconstrued if you deliver only in a wording explanation. 

To deal with this problem, scenario-based content is the best solution. Simply put, you show learners a video that is framed by real-world problems, tasks, and situations. Scenario-based videos give learners a crystal idea of how to implement the skills in the right way. 

The best videos are ones that incorporate true-to-life storylines and tasks. As familiar, they enhance immersion and employee engagement online. Besides, the scenario-based approach facilitates mistake-driven learning by building practical experiences without any real-world consequences. 

Digital HR Managers can consider two types of scenario-based videos: animated video and live demonstration. While creating the same effectiveness, the production cost for animation video series is quite lower compared to the live demonstration.  

For instance, in an animated video about business structures, F.Learning illustrates complex concept definitions with real-life characters and situations. Those scenario-based visual helps learners to understand better and easily memorize the knowledge. 

More information about animation videos cost:

How fun virtual employee engagement ideas work for F.Learning’s partners  

Many Digital Training Managers come to F.Learning with the shared concern about how to engage employees through virtual training. We proudly introduce the two most typical partners. 

#1 IntelyCare’s Nurse Training 

#2 Integrity & Value’s Leadership Course 

1. Case study 1: IntelyCare 

About IntelyCare 

IntelyCare is a US-based service that provides nurses personnel for hospitals. Their new nurses have to complete a medical training course before starting to work at the hospital. 

Due to the COVID-19, IntelyCare has decided to speed its digitalization process to provide more staff to many regions. This is their opportunity to expand services from their based state to across the country.

Define their problems 

IntelyCare comes to F.Learning while finding a solution to accelerate the training for more than 15,000 medical professionals. All of them have busy working schedules, so they do not have enough time to complete the course at once. 

Another compilation for IntelyCare is that the course is medical-related. It’s a hard topic for online training and is updated continually. They struggle to come up with fun virtual employee engagement ideas that will make the content as most intuitive as possible in order to maximize effectiveness. 

F.Learning’s work

F.Learning advises IntelyCare to combine the two approaches of micro-learning and scenario-based content for the highest efficiency in training. 

First, we turn the whole course’s content into 5 shorter parts of different emergency situations. As mentioned earlier, by shortening lessons with specific situations, nurses can focus and complete each session at their convenience. 

When it comes to creative ideas for virtual employee engagement, to make the instructions more real-life and engaging, F.Learning offers using scenarios of the formal hospital environment in the animation video format. The videos include illustrations of the basic medical concepts like doctors, patients, devices, pharma, etc. 

IntelyCare orders F.Learning to produce up to 80 minutes of animation per month in time for their training course. To follow the production timeline, we implement a flexible and clear collaborating process that optimizes the back and forth feedback. A cross-functional team works closely with IntelyCare to quickly solve arising problems in case of any change. As a result, we manage to complete a big scope of work for IntelyCare without missing a deadline. This contributes to ensuring their training schedule for qualified nurses supply. 

Check out our two videos below, one is the introduction, and the other is one session video. Both are in the series of the medical training course from IntelyCare. 

Case study 2: Integrity & Value

About Integrity & Value and their problems 

Integrity & Values provides “Leadership” training courses for corporate training for leaders and managers. As a service provider, they are finding a way to improve the training content in order to make their course effective.

Define their problems 

Leadership training is an abstract topic and sometimes quite theoretical and boring. This is the most popular comment of their clients. 

Integrity & Values need the courses to be more fun and interactive to get learners’ attention and employee engagement online. They also want learners to practice on their own and then track the result and performance of their leadership.

F.Learning’s work 

Understanding the conceptual topic of Leadership, F.Learning consults Integrity & Value to add something lively and funny to the course. We work on storytelling with a funny character in order to help learners feel more enjoyable while retaining the lessons. 

For example, let’s see this friendly and simplified way to raise the question about success in life and business. 

Additionally, to help learners easily put lessons into practice for improvements, we add more interactive, practice-based elements in the training content. Among them are the evaluation scale of related tasks and behaviors, which is mentioned in this video

Need virtual employee engagement ideas that work for your internal training? 

F.Learning is always ready to help in building excellent corporate training programs with fun employee engagement ideas for remote workers. Contact us, and we will have an in-depth discussion about your case. 

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