Animation Healthcare Business: See How Animation BOOST your Medical Business

When using animation for the healthcare business, there are 2 main ways you can do it. First, animation can be directly applied to your medical products or used as promotions. Even though these two ways are different, they both bring value to your business. 

In such a competitive market like healthcare with high-priced products, it’s surely difficult to attract customers. Hence, utilizing animation to improve the medical business is a smart plan to win the competition and expand customers. 

Animation improves medical product quality

The benefits of the animation healthcare business are in many forms and shapes. It can be transparent as appealing to customers by colorful visuals, or hard-to-notice as extracting important content. In short, animation adds more value to your products and helps learners understand better, which will engage more learners and furthermore, expand your target customers.

1. Your medical products engage with audiences through in-depth yet simplified content

With animation in the medical business, the content is presented in shortened form, maybe in small-sized bits for the audiences to comfortably digest. It is much different from long and wordy reports or documents that send people to sleep. Extracting valuable content aids customers to find ease in learning or consuming your healthcare products. However, it is very important to keep the information short but useful and logical. Without being informative, the animation is just a flashy or attractive packaging that is empty inside. From an overall perspective, the key thing here is to balance content extraction whilst keeping in-depth information. 

Here are two different ways to learn about heart failure. Which way will you choose given that you’re a non-professional viewer?

Compare to this?

2. Your medical products provide real scenarios for experiential training

In the medical field, experiential training is essential to develop crucial skills in both literal and practical environments, but not all training can be performed in real-life situations. This is because of the tight budget, workforce, or ability of the organization. For example, nurses training for hospital catching on fire. This case is rare, though it could happen anytime and to any hospital, so beforehand preparation is not redundant. Besides, the preparation could limit the heavy consequences if the worst case happens in real life. 

Thus, implementing animation into training is one of many rational ideas to improve healthcare training. While significantly reduces the cost, it can also open up new possibilities to perform rare cases as mentioned above. Here’s a video that we worked with IntelyCare on such an unusual scenario:

3. Your medical products bring accuracy via visuals

Imagination is a wonderful ability of humans, but it can lead to wrongful thinking or conclusions. This is because everyone’s imagination is unique based on their knowledge, experience, memory, or even their background. Though, the medical business is not about imagination. In fact, imagination is not very welcomed in a field that requires super high accuracy like healthcare. 

So how can you produce precise content without being dull? The answer is, again, animation. Animated resources, especially 3D animation, provide valid visuals for everything on earth. There is nothing that can’t be illustrated in animation, even the invisible or tiny ones.

4. Your medical products strike the balance between serious and fun

Animation for the healthcare business, the phase seems to be in contrast. Actually, animation and healthcare businesses are mutually contributing to each other. Together, they form a dual of seriousness and fun since medical learning doesn’t always mean to be tough or boring. With animation, you can get useful information while easily memorizing via playful and impressive visuals. 

You can look again at the TedEd video on vitamins – it was both fun and informative. The balance makes the video informative but entertaining and memorable!

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Animation improves healthcare marketing results

Animation not only improves quality in healthcare, but the benefits of medical animation also expand into the scope of marketing. Through healthcare explainer videos, marketers can develop their promotions with more and more target audiences and achieve incredible results. 

1. Animation educate audiences for different purposes

A. To patients:

Patients prefer to buy/pay attention to easy-to-use medical products/services. Since most of the patients have little medical knowledge, easy-to-follow animated videos are effective to attract more customers. By bringing them informative knowledge and memorable experience with beautiful animated explainer videos, you can also gain more trust from them. 

For example, this video is about common symptoms COVID-19 patients can face from day 1 to day 22. Since the symptoms vary from person to person, it is recommended to have a general idea of the disease. By using bright colors, the animators reduced anxiety when people hear about COVID-19 and also the stress they are facing in such a chaotic world right now. 

B. To investors:

Medical and healthcare is a high-priced field, so it needs investment to improve business. However, like patients, many investors don’t have or have little information about medical knowledge. Why do investors pay money for the medical business? Which benefits do they receive back? Which part should they invest in? Investors need to understand more about this field to answer these above questions. Therefore using animation for the healthcare business can help them to quickly grasp the whole idea of the drug or medical devices. This is ideal for investors since they’re extremely busy and have tight schedules. Moreover, animation creates a great impression on other people’s minds, which can lead to a successful investment.

C. To medical professionals:

Unlike the other two audiences, medical professionals have high literacy in the medical or healthcare field. In this case, the animation won’t work as a tool to present informative knowledge on drugs or medical devices. Instead, it will perform as an effective and time-saving presentation and avoid wordy conversation. If the medical professional is too busy, you can send your animated presentation via mail for efficient information exchange. 

2. Healthcare animation improves branding

A. Build a friendly and approachable brand image:

Healthcare businesses are often perceived as tough and unfriendly brands. To reach out to more audiences and increase patient volume, building a friendly and approachable brand image with animation is a creative way. You can also apply healthcare marketing trends to attract more customers and strengthen your friendly image. 

B. Deepen impressions by signature mascots, characters, etc.:

Animated mascots or characters set your business apart from other similar companies in the market and create a signature brand perception in people’s minds. Whenever they see the mascot, they will immediately link it to your company. The more people can recognize your business, the more successful you are.


The animation is like an all-rounded solution for the medical and healthcare business. From attracting more customers to building a brand image for marketing, it all works well. And you can produce animation for the healthcare business on your own with the help of much available pre-design software on the internet. However, it would take a lot of time and effort to design as effective animated materials as professionals. Or you can opt for hiring an animation studio to handle your project from A – Z for achieving the best results. 

At F.Learning Studio, we have been working with medical and healthcare businesses for a long time. Our professionals have strong skills and experience to handle medical projects smoothly. If you’re planning to start an animation project, contact us now for a consultation. 

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