Training Content Inventory Template

What’s inside

1. Why do you need this training inventory template?

Improving training content is a crucial aspect of any organization’s growth and development. However, it can be a challenging task when the training materials are scattered and disorganized. The lack of an efficient system to manage training content can make it difficult for department heads to create a complete training program and identify the gaps in their current training resources. This is where the Training Content Inventory Template comes into play.

2. What’s inside?

The Training Content Inventory Template serves as a comprehensive tool to manage all training materials effectively. It provides a centralized location for all training resources and allows department heads to easily access, organize, and evaluate the content. With this template, department heads can gain a holistic view of their training content library, allowing them to identify any redundancies, gaps, or areas of improvement.

Like a course library or eLearning content library, the purpose of this template is to help department heads streamline the management of their training materials. By using the Training Content Inventory, department heads can review and evaluate their content library, curate materials that align with their training goals, and improve the overall quality of their training programs.

The template includes 2 parts:

  • Part 1: Template tutorial
  • Part 2: Training Content Inventory Template and Example

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