Ultimate Guide to Create an Awesome Educational Animation for Online Courses

What’s inside

eBook Summary

Is it hard to create an educational animation that works? The answer is yes! It is hard to create something with Cartoon Network standard. However, you don’t need unicorns or sparkles to engage online students. The impact of visuals is definitely strong but it cannot overpower the importance of content.

We don’t want the unnecessary “fun” distraction, we create something that brings true values to students.

This ebook is for anyone with a need to create an animation for educational purposes in eLearning industry, whether you are an online teacher who wants to create simple animations for class, or an instructional designer who is collaborating with a professional studio to create awesome content.

We will guide you through how to make a proper animated video for online courses. You would find information on how to create animations on your own, or what you need to work with your production partner.


P.05 Why educational animations?

P.08 How to choose an animation style for your course?

P.12 How to create an educational animation?

P.28 What to do if you don’t have any skills in illustration & animation?

P.31 Conclusion