Ultimate Guide to Create an Awesome Educational Animation for Online Courses

A step-by-step free eBook for eLearning developers to produce their own animated learning videos. We would guide you through how to choose the proper style of animations, which elements affect the quality of your videos the most, and what to do if you have absolutely no skills in designing or animating.

Customer Success: Attracting 200.000+ nurse students to acquire the app, what’s Simple Nursing secret of success?

“…Being an educational company for over 7 years, it has been challenging to stay at the top of our game, but with these new engaging videos, I believe we will reach higher levels…!” Mike Linares, founder of Simple Nursing, said.

[New ebook] Essential ways to improve your eLearning course

It’s always a challenge to improve the effectiveness of an online course, both the quality of course and the satisfaction of learners. Therefore, this eBook will guide you through evaluating your course to increase retention and completion rates as well as how to market your online course.  

The Secret to Creating Successful eLearning Course

This ebook is created for anyone who has a need to create an effective eLearning course, whether you are preparing to build a new course or you want to improve your existing one. With this ebook, you will discover the ground rules that make a course succeed from real cases study of our clients. From these cases, you will find out a helpful guide on how to best use essential elements in an eLearning course. 

Animation quality: Quick guide to evaluate good animated learning videos

It is not easy to tell the quality of different animations, especially if you are not some insider in the animation industry but an absolutely clueless instructional designer or educator. In this eBook, we would guide you through 4 common types of 2D animations in the eLearning industry and how to tell the quality of different animations.

Understanding Why and How: Create Engaging and Fun Online Learning Experiences

This ebook is created to help you deal with one of the most common and visible pains when growing and upgrading your eLearning courses: Build up and maintain the course attendees’ initial interest and eager in online learning through creating engaging and fun learning experiences.

Visual aids in Primary Education: from Understanding to Applying

An eBook for primary teachers that goes from the learning behaviors and teaching difficulties to an in-depth insight into the matter of technological application in education. Most importantly, after understanding the impact of visual on education through technology, you will find a useful guide on how to turn knowledge into effective visuals.

GEOFF LAWTON ONLINE CASE STUDY: Combine Talking-head Videos and Animated Videos for Better Learning Outcomes

Geoff Lawton used animations as supplemental materials for his course. The idea was to use talking-head videos with additional animated videos for better students’ understanding. Geoff also used his own voice to narrate the animations. This method kept all of the videos consistent.

SHINSHIN TANG CASE STUDY: Animation Empowers Teaching Mental Health for Children

As children love cartoon, there is no ideal medium to teach them about mental health better than animated videos. Animations help to deliver sensitive and difficult knowledge to adolescent children by engaging characters and funny tone that students love to watch!

INTEGRITY & VALUE CASE STUDY: Guide to Produce Cost-efficient Animation Training Videos

Their initial purpose of applying animation is to make the course more interesting and improve employee’s learning outcomes. However, Integrity & Value couldn’t decide how much is worth to invest in an animation training video. Then they came to collab with us to create on-budget animation but still professional and beautiful.

Free eBook: How to use animation effectively in e-Learning - An insider's guide for instructional designers

This ebook presents workable tips and guides collected from our practical expertise in the educational animation field. The need for such a general text has been recognized due to the growth continuum of e-learning courses, which results in a competitive market that requires evolutionary advancements. Instructional designers can apply these foundation formulas to bring knowledge to your students effectively while promoting the online classes to more people.

Free Ebook: The Essential Guide to Medical Animation

Get on an amazing itinerary to get real insights about Medical Animation – the secret live happily in the healthcare industry before starting any medical animation courses!


Free mini eBook for Kindle & Tablet: Behind Animation-based Education - What, Why & How

This mini eBook is to discuss the purpose, orgin, future of educational animation in animation-based learning and outcome-based education.

Free Ebook: Answer the FAQs when applying animation in online course for Higher Education

This eBook will guide you through the origin of animation to analyze how animation benefits every component of HEIs. After that, you’ll see a real case study from the University of New South Wales that has successfully moved online with animation applications.


Free checklist: How NOT to make educational animation a DISTRACTION in eLearning

Animation doesn’t work in the eLearning course but can’t find the reason? This checklist will help you to find FACTORS CAUSE DISTRACTION in animation for eLearning and how to fix them.

Free eBook: Adapting Animation into Corporate Training - New L&D Strategy in the time of COVID-19

For the L&D leaders in search of a new corporate learning strategy, this eBook will provide a step-by-step guide on how animation can help evolve your business.


Mini eBook: Use Animation to Benefit Your Medical Business

Download to explore how to use animation to expand your medical/ healthcare business