FAQs – Applying animation in the online course for higher education

What’s inside

What’s inside

As an educational animation service provider, one of the most frequent questions is to figure out how exactly animation works to learners, teachers in an online environment, and how to evaluate the value of courses with or without animation. There is no ‘big data’ for the questions, however, we can learn it through the numbers of educational components that animation helps to boost. In the scope of this ebook, we would like to answer how exactly components derive benefits from using animation for online courses, covering 4 groups:

  • Learners
  • Instructional designers and educational consultants
  • Department heads
  • School’s marketing department

This eBook will guide you through the origin of animation to analyze how animation benefits every component of HEIs. After that, you’ll see a real case study from the University of New South Wales that has successfully moved online with animation applications.

Enjoy your reading!