Animation for Engineering Training


Break down complex engineering concepts with animation

Visualize complicated information with high accuracy

Boost learning outcomes with multimedia content

Attract learners with authentic illustration




Their Problem:

Aviassist conducts regular RPAS drone training and manned aviation theory courses Australia wide. They specialize in training those with little or no exposure to aviation.

With such a complicated subject, the challenge is similar to the case of Permaculture. They were looking for a solution to simplify complex theory in order to improve learning outcomes while also enhancing their content with a higher engagement rate.


Our Solution:

Complicated courses such as drone training could benefit significantly from educational animations. One minute of video equals thousands of words. Animations visualize the system, which helps learners understand the process much better.

F. Learning Studio collaborated with Aviassist to create another series of training videos using animation. In this series, we adopt a flat design with neutral colours to create a clean, modern, and professional look for the course.



Their Problem:

UNSW Sydney (The University of New South Wales) is one of Australia’s leading research and teaching universities. They are moving towards a blended and fully online training delivery for all courses offered by the University. Their greatest concern is how to ensure the learning outcomes in the virtual environment.


Our Solution:

UNSW Sydney resorted to animations as better visual materials for their electrical engineering and communications courses.

Animations improve the visual design of the training program. While collaborating with F.Learning Studio, UNSW Sydney also receives a style guide for the graphic design from the website to the slide presentation. Furthermore, educational animations also play a vital role in the visualization of complex concepts for students to understand better. In this case, it is the system of how a PN junction diode works.