1 minute of animation could SAVE you 10 hours of Zoom training?

From the second minute, you only have to pay 50% of the standard price per minute.

Whatever you want to, animate eLearning courses, start an explainer video or test new content format…

Make your dream come true this Christmas, with F.Learning Studio’s Special Offer!

1 minute of animation = 10 hours of Zoom meeting

Get 10x of communication efficiency

No more long and tiring Zoom meeting hours.

Save your time and energy delivering your message, there are more important tasks waiting for you.

Inspire your 2022’s bigger plan

Get your big series plan rolled out faster. The larger the scope, the better the price.

Fill the gap between the budget and the quality

A fixed budget doesn’t mean fixed and boring animation styles. Upgrading your visual level is now easier than ever.

Check Out What Are In Our Christmas Gift Box

Holiday Spirit Pack

  1. 0 character
  2. No Voice Over
  • Basic motion
  • Basic and minimalism styles
  • 3 revisions

Treasure in the Box

  • 1 – 2 characters
  1. No Voice Over
  • Basic motion
  • Handmade arts with simple effects
  • Unlimited revision

VIP Treatment Box

  • 3 characters
  • With Voice Over
  • Natural smooth motion
  • Handmade arts with complex effects
  • Unlimited revision



Claim your offer with 50% pricing from the second minute

Only until 22/1/2022

Q&A Section

1. Why F.Learning packages are the best "value for money"option in the field?
Our offer doesn't include production only. What makes us different is we all start with your audience. F.Learning answers the question "what are the right but reasonable options that fit best to you?". We provide the right animation styles, the right timeline management process, the right investment for your future value, at an affordable price.
2. Wow, that sounds great. What do I need to prepare to claim these offers?
Provide us with your scripts, a brief description of your project, and your contact information. And you are good to go. Our sales manager will respond to you within 24h.
3. My eLearning project is even longer than 10 minutes? Will I still be able to get a special offer?
For this type of project, contact us to receive a more competitive quotation. We are more than happy to help!
4. This looks too good to be true. Are the videos customized?
You read it right, all videos are crafted by our talented team of illustrators and animators. We can cater to the best options that suit your needs. Original videos, for all packages.
5. What can I expect in the revision process? Revision is always a headache
No worries. We got you. There will be a dedicated buddy (a.k.a our Account Executive) to accompany you through the process. You will know exactly what to expect for each milestone of the project.
6. Awesome! When will I receive the final video if I start today?
It depends on your specific project (minutes and styles) and deadlines. It could range from 2 to 3 weeks per minute. We will discuss and define the project duration together.