Adapting Animation Into Corporate Training: New L&D Strategy In The Time Of Coronavirus

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About the eBook

Incorporating animation into courses is the latest trend in education. This special form of illustration boosts comprehension, shortens the training process, and scales businesses. In this guide, we will show you how exactly animation can benefit your company in different ways. Witness the actual success stories of major corporations around the world to find the possible missing piece of your very own transformational training courses.

What’s inside

Animation As The New Element Of Digital Corporate Training

  • Animation Overcomes Limits of Conventional Online Training Methods
  • Animation Accelerates Digital Learning Transition

Benefits of Animation in Corporate Training:
How Animation Transformed Businesses?

  • Animation Vs. Conventional Learning Methods
  • Benefits of Animation in Real-life Scenarios
  • Know your role – Know your purpose
  • Integrity and Values Case Study: Incorporating Animation Improves Comprehension
  • One QBE Case Study: Animation Shortens Training Process
  • Intelycare Case Study: Animation Helps Scale Business

How To Start Designing Animation For Corporate Training With A Studio

  • Determining the type of corporate training video
  • Choose your preferred type of animation
  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production