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As the modern world grows to be more complex, primary education is generally believed as the easiest level of education. This perhaps somewhat undermines the importance and complexity of children’s cognitive development between the age of 6 to 10. Especially with the recent development of technology, education seems to be under a technological flux.

The diversity of available tools becomes both the helper and stressor. So what is the right method for a particular student, subject or even teacher?

Primary education is intrinsically important, thus learning at this level should be inspired by the use of visual aids. 

From these this belief, we have compiled from our knowledge as well as available online resources to bring you this ebook with 3 fundamental goals:

  • First is to highlight the learning behaviors and teaching difficulties occurred during this level.
  • Second is to give readers a concise but complete understanding on the matter of technological application in education.
  • Third is to translate our strong belief in the impact of visual on education through technology and hopefully to guide our readers on how to turn knowledge into effective visuals.

We hope you will find the ebook helpful, both understanding the difficulties in teaching primary level and finding a probable solution for the future. Perhaps you could even see why we are sending so many hopes in visuals in inspiring learning.


P.04 Common problems in teaching primary school

P.11 Innovative teaching methods help increase the effectiveness of in-class learning

P.22 Do you understand how primary students learn?

P.32 Three factors make the biggest impact on how primary students learn

P.42 The power of visual aids in teaching and learning

P.54 Tips to choose the right visual aids for your in-class teaching

P.62 How to design effective visuals aids for teaching and learning

P.72 Evaluation time: Is the visual aid working for you?


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