SECRET FATE | Why are you single for so long?

Internal Project

Have you ever wondered why you are single for so long?

This nagging question, an ‘evergreen’ concern for the single community, has urged us to give an explanation in an original and Vietnamese way, thereby embracing our culture. As a result, we produced a unique animation which humorously presents the desperate life of a “forever alone” girl, haunted by lovers in her previous lives, and how she struggles to find love now, as explained in Vietnamese culture.

The video quickly went viral on Facebook and reached over 2 million views with hugely positive feedback from netizens.  Finding out the viral elements behind, firstly we think it’s the unique visual art that was developed based on “Tranh Dong Ho” – the traditional Vietnamese art style. We combined traditional footage with millennial insights, make it beautiful, attractive and share-worthy. 

The visual concept supports a lot in telling the story and triggering the audience’s emotion. Besides, the creativity of mentioning Tinder (with internal intention is to add humor into the video) was praised as a creative trick of branded advertising.

Give it a watch and enjoy this little passion project of ours!