CV Global | Despair

Client: Christian Vision Global

If you are wondering what form Christian education takes today, then here is your answer: educational animated video!

CV Global is an NGO that wants to introduce as many people as possible to Jesus by use of media platforms. They’ve found that animation is an incredibly innovative and powerful medium, making it ideal for this cause. 

For this project, they wanted a short featured video that can effectively portray the value of the Christian faith and promote their apps. This was a challenging yet amazing task for us, since the script they gave us was a poem, and we were to transform it into an engaging and meaningful visual story. 

So, inspired by this poem, we constructed a story of a scared and hopeless person who was caged by despair, but was then helped by his faith in God. The difficulty of our task lies in visualizing the immense but abstract power that God has to help this character. Moreover, to arouse the sympathy of the audience as they watch, we focused largely on hand-drawing and expressing the facial expressions of the character.