Covid-19 Anxiety

Internal Project


Why calming down is the best way to fight Coronavirus?


Covid-19 Anxiety is an internal animation project of F. Learning Studio that visually explained why & how people are panicked during this pandemic. It’s an urgent need to educate people that stress, anxiety, and over-reacting can’t cure us but just make things worse. So we want to say loud that calming down is the best way to protect our mental and physical health amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

What the people need to self-learn about the virus is more educational, credible, and fun learning materials, that’s why animation works! Many animations about Coronavirus are produced, so to set us apart from others, we design a unique hand-drawn style. Hand drawings express the panicked emotion better than ever. Fun and creative elements are added to make the animation more enjoyable for public audiences.

Enjoy the video!