DAC | Climate Change Awareness

Client: Nordic Innovation

We hear about climate change and its pressing effects so often these days, on TV, on the news, even at coffee shops. But have you ever seriously think about what we can do to minimise the damage and to deal with them?

To enhance people’s awareness about climate change, Nordic Innovation decided to use a visual approach. Particularly, they gave the F. Team the wonderful opportunity to transform their idea into an animated video that shows the terrible impacts of natural disasters intensified by climate change, especially typhoons and floods. The solution to these problems, as suggested and supported by Nordic Innovation, is to create sustainable architecture that can protect cities and allow their citizens to thrive even in the face of the climate crisis. 

For this serious and promising project, we opted for hand-drawn animation. Using this visual style, we aim to attract the audience not only by bringing pleasure to their eyes but also by making scenes realistic. Moreover, we made use of frame-by-frame animation to keep the movement and transitions as smooth as possible. This is especially important because the animation was combined with recorded footage, and we didn’t want the two kinds of image to be disconnected. Take a look at the result!