ANDEBY | Music Video for Rasmus Seebach

Client: Rasmus Seebach  
Collaborated with Mellow & Studio Hue

We are pleased to be the animation studio for a music video about father and son from Danish top singer Rasmus Seebach.

This video visualizes an imaginary world that comes from an endless dream of a son about his dad. With such a story, animation perfectly draws out the unseeable, captivating and beautiful world of the dream.

For this project, our main focus was to produce vivid images and bring the dream world to life. Thus we opted for a mix of hand-drawn animation and 3D elements. This allowed us to be detailed, even when it comes to the background. In addition, we added smooth transitions and light effects to brighten up the scenes as well as build up the dream-like quality.

Watch the video to see for yourself and enjoy the music!