eBook Summary


Although not many of us remember what we learned from primary as an adult anymore, education at this level has definitely defined how we think and what subjects we like later on in life. The reason being that during primary level, our brain grows so fast, thus, we are able to learn quicker and reason deeper about the world.

This is to further highlight how extremely important primary education is and primary school teachers are our unnamed superheroes.

In this free ebook, you’ll learn:

    • insights into understanding problems in primary level 
    • how to know how primary students learn
    • possible innovative solutions to solve them.

We hope you will find the ebook helpful, both understanding the difficulties in teaching primary level and finding probable solutions for yourself in the future.




P.04 Common problems in teaching primary school

P.11 Do you understand how primary students learn?

P.20 Innovative teaching methods help increase the effectiveness of in-class learning

P.32 Conclusion